04 March, 2009

A Problem

How do you express a thought...how do u sit down in front of your comp and let all your deepest and darkest feelings out in a blog....going through my blog i realise that i have a severe inability to let it all out...i can never tell ppl how i feel about things except those rare few...looking back at school and college i realised how hard it was for all those ppl to tell me their problems to let it all out....the most i can do is telling ppl my problem in telling others my problems...as confusing as that may sound...

26 February, 2009



How do i describe it.... HUGE. seriously thats about all there is to describe it. First of all i stay about an hour away...so i have to catch a train to Central then catch a bus to campus... you would think thats about all the exercise i would have to do....then you reach the entrance...there's this long walkway to heaven.....there werent any stairs so i thought i could still make it.....boy was i wrong..halfway there's a couple of stairs..then another long horizontal walkway...then you reach the stairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that go up and up and up. then MORE STAIRES!!!!!!!!!!!!goodness gracious me. i have done more exercise than i have done in my entire life...thank god i wont usually have to go right to the end of campus coz the law building and commerce building is near the front entrance...the law building looks like a spaceship damn cool. the windows are protruding outwards so it prevents vain ppl like me to stare at themselves as they walk...kidding lah im not that vain thought sharanya may beg to differ. the law orientation was today but i didnt go:( had the flu...the annoying wether here started to get to me...its dry so you get dehydrated really fast....but it also changes from one wether to another real fast. the Aus School of Business is behind the law building...well not exactly behind lah....i havent gone inside yet but i did go to the orientation on tue....the business school has the most no of students in the 1st yr. there was more than a thousand students...the whole auditoriom was full...met a few ppl.....mei is right when she says i tend to attract the indian ppl ...made friends with 4 indian girls nishtaa, nebonita, nimitha and surekha, 2 chinese edwina and serene and 1 greek Natasha. me and natasha were the new ones coz the others all went to the same school. But i of course was the only foreign one...but still, their really cool...


23 days since the last update.......not bad seeing how lazy i usually am......either that or aveena has gotten better at persuasion....im leaning towards the latter......my mum made indomee today...mmmm heaven...if there was a heaven i bet there would be endless supplies of indomee...prob coming out of fountains....(actually i think heaven is full of guys who look like McDreamy but for right now im talking food wise)...but then again if there was an endless supply of indomee...there would also be an endless supply of bold ppl...67 words just on indomee...i suck at this lah...the bushfire memorial was on last sunday....flags werent fully raised in honour of the ppl who lost their lives........you know god doesnt give ppl anything more than wht they can handle....and yet you wonder why does god let ppl suffer in the 1st place....(touchwood) i prob shouldnt be the one to question that...god has been beyond kind to me....but it just makes you wonder....and it also makes you thankful for the life you have.....i of course never am with my constant complaints....thats just how human beings tend to be..we only realise how great our life is or how much we love a person when its too late. Every year we make resolutions to change our lifestyles, to love more, to complain less, but how long do they last..how long before you start fighting with your best friend or complaining bout how cold the water is. So this year i didnt bother making resolutions i never keep....smart huh.lol.

03 February, 2009

Ok so i havent updated this blog in ages. I blame my laziness for that. I'm leaving soon. Leaving to Australia. The problem is, i dont know if i even want to go. Everything is just moving so fast. One minute your still in high school and the next you've finished college. Now i start all over again. A five year course. Giving me enough time to love it and hate it just like high school. At one point of my life, going to Australia was the only thing i looked forward to. But now, as the date creeps closer, i realise I DONT WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!. Looks like i've actually grown to love this country which i constantly criticize. Or maybe i've grown to love the people i've met growing up here.... my friends. Everybodies going somewhere else.... half of the people i know i may never see again. God knows what part of the world they'll be in. I've moved a lot throughout my life. I think moving from mentakab to Kl was probably one of the hardest. Coz as you grow older, it gets harder to leave. As you grow older, you start feeling a whole new set of emotions. Life was never complicated when i was 5. I remember the hardest decision i had to make then was which colour suited my barbie doll better...I keep moving to places that are bigger with more people to compete with. I guess i always liked being a big fish in a small pond rather than in an ocean. I used to be sooo bored with this country.... spending everyday of my life here but now its going to be short visits probably twice or once a year. Well i guess its goodbye Malaysia and Hello Australia.......................................

26 May, 2008


We had Teachers day Celebration a week earliar than the usual date. So we had class parties and all. Actually only SAM had class parties coz all the other proggrammes had class but they finished earliar. It was quite fun. The teacher were only supposed to come at 11 so we had a long time to prepare. So we decided to switch off the lights and to on the music. Then ainessa got on the table dont worry that only made her slightly taller than me ( she's that short haha) and started dancing keiron got on too and the problem is keiron is taller than me. So giant and dwarf dancing on the table. The we played musical chairs. Keiron was the funniest lah. He kept pushing his fat ass towards the chair hence pushing everybody around out of the way too. he lost in the end.haha. Rajpal came over later. Went to Asia Cafe. Oh and Ainessa anD Fuad are supposed to be coming out on tv. They had this interview thing for RTM 2lol.called live, laugh ....... forogt th name.

Kite runner and Once

So the other day was my legal teacher Zokhri's birthday and also a classmate of mine Crystal's birthday. So after class we went to watch a movie since it was friday. I wanted to watch iron man but that D.I.F (Dear Little Friend) Ainessa juz had to watch Kite Runner. So we watched it. My legal teacher btw had gone the day b4 that which was a public holiday to watch kite runner so this was his 2nd time. The movie was longgg but it was ok i guess. I bought the book but never got past the 3rd chapter.haha. Then i left coz ainessa had to be at my home by 7 p.m so she can go somewhere else. Eh i just ralise that althugh she may deny it, i have changed my mind juz to watch what movie she wants a few times.. Like on Saturday the 24th, me and ainessa went to watch a movie. It was juz the 2 of us coz everyone else ditched us in the last minute. Even Fuad.. So i wanted to watch indiana jones or this othe comedy movie but she wanted to watch ONCE. Let me tell you what once is about so you know how i felt in he cinema. Its filmed like a documentary and it is filmed in dublin. Its about this dude who fixes vacuum cleaners and is also a street busker. He sings known songs during the day and his own ompositions during the night. One night this women walks by and listens to the song and loves it. When he says that he fixes vacuum cleaners she said oh i have a broken vacuum cleaner (corny) so bla bla bla one day they go into a music shop and she plays the piano and he sings along and plays the guitar to one of his own songs and omg finally a reason not to walk out. All the original songs in the movie was juz great. Then hey make an alburm and they have to go through a hard journey to make it. The dude used to write these songs for his old gf who left him and the girl has a son and lives with her mum coz her husband left her. Then the husband calls her one day juz as they finish their album and he wants to come back to her and she accepts him ( only in movies does this happen) and they dude on the other hand distributes the album they made to a few ppl then he calls his ex-gf and tells her he wants her bla bla and she accepts him and he goes back to her. The end. Beyond stupid!!! i cant believe i watched that. Thank god ater that we watched Narnia and Fuad came for that but we had to leave early coz the movie started at 3 but me and ainessa told ppl to pick us upa t 5. By 5.30 it was still far from the end so we had to go and hence we missed the ending!!!! But seriously lah i am goin to think 100 times b4 i go out for another movie with ainessa and fuad only.

Sasha's coming home!!!!!!!

Okey okey again i know that i havent updated my blog in ages. Sorry sorry sorry aveena. Anyways so i was watching bones juz now. old episode lah but still seelay booth is juz capital letter HOT!!! They were sooo close to solving the case when Naim called. He said come online now Sasha wants to talk to you NOW. So i went to the comp alll pissed and sash is like oh read my blog. i thought that women made me leave Booth and come all the way up juz to read her blog which was not goin anywhere. what a loser than i read it and it said she's comin home!!!!!!!!!! Finally Sash is comin home....yay. She is however going home on her bday which means she wont be here for long. But so what. She's coming home. I mean For a person whom i insult a lot and used to have a lot of fights with in school, i really really did miss her:)